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I would like to thank the numerous choirs from all over Germany who had registered for the 德意志Chormeisterschaft – Offene Bühne this year and were looking forward to a musical Advent weekend of mutual singing in Koblenz together with us. Despite the current painful circumstances, 然而, we want to take a positive look into the future and make sure that this year will be a prelude to the first 德意志Chormeisterschaft to take place in October 2022 in Koblenz under regular conditions!

Gunter Titsch, 巴黎人会员登录总裁


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“德国角”和它的皇帝, 选举宫, 长达数公里的海滨长廊, Stolzenfels城堡, the epitome of Rhine romance and the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress overlooking the city. 的 spectacular cable car over the Rhine, the wine village, the Forum Confluentes... And much more: Koblenz is not only one of Germany’s oldest cities but also one of the most diverse.

教堂, 城堡, palaces and historic town houses tell the story of past times, while winding streets and squares invite you to stroll around and relax. 的 vineyards and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress also provide incomparable views over the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, keeping the romance of the Rhine alive.


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